Katrina Wolfe is an interdisciplinary artist and teacher. Her various practices are integrated in live performances involving sound making installations and costumes which are altered by the moving body over the course of one to several hours. Her movement practice combines Butoh dance with aspects of  meditation and sculpture. After years of drawing and painting, Katrina began to study figurative sculpture in 2006, later teaching and exploring sculpture in a variety of styles and mediums. In 2012, three years after being introduced to Butoh, Katrina began taking intensive workshops with Atsushi Takenouchi and training with Joan Laage in Seattle. She was also greatly inspired by the teaching of Daisuke Yoshimoto, and the work and footage of Butoh founder Tatsumi Hijikata. Katrina has recently opened Studio Ma in Seattle Washington, where she teaches Butoh workshops twice weekly and performs.

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Theater Performances
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November Workshop Series at Studio Ma

Joan Laage (Tuesdays, 6:00-8:30)

Katrina Wolfe (Mondays, 6:00-8:30)

Suggested donations of $10-20 are appreciated.

Please RSVP to keenawolfe@gmail.com or call 206 612 4687 if you have not previously attended a workshop with Katrina, or have any questions.


All performances begin at 8pm, doors at 7:30.

November 2nd

Katrina Wolfe & Joey Largent
Butoh, Installation & Live Sound

Seattle Butoh Festival – Taoist Studies Institute

8pm, doors 7:30. $20 admission.

With the awareness that every item made from paper or wood is ultimately a fragment of a once living tree, Katrina began saving discarded drawings, notes, journal pages, and debris to create a paper costume for a site-specific performance. Since then, she has made several performances using the same paper scraps, which she continues to repair and expand. Remains of the Sacred is a memorial to all trees that have been cut down to create buildings and items for human use. It is also a story of evolution: the body begins integrated with and protected by the once-living paper garment. Eventually, it becomes more and more disconnected and consumed by its own humanity, returning to a primitive, animalistic state to realize its role in the destruction of its own environment. It then finds the ability to create a new nest from the decay, finally growing towards a peaceful existence. The Eighth Honorary Offering connects human mortality with the death of the trees and dying planet. As the eighth year since the death of Katrina’s sister on October 8th, and with November 2nd being the Day of the Dead, this piece is a personal and universal offering to all loved ones that have died. 

November 23rd

Two new solos with live music followed by a group improvisation.

Katrina Wolfe & Joey Largent in “Wax Leaves Weep”
Joan Laage & Amy Denio in “dna”

December 24th

Katrina Wolfe & Joey Largent
Butoh, Installation & Live Sound

Followed by a Christmas Eve gathering.

January 24th

Katrina Wolfe
Butoh, Installation & Live Sound

February 29th

Katrina Wolfe & Joey Largent
Butoh, Installation & Live Sound

March 28th

Duet with Joan Laage & Katrina Wolfe
Butoh, Installation & Live Sound

Donations appreciated.


Please RSVP to keenawolfe@gmail.com or call 206 612 4687 if you plan to attend a performance, or have any questions.



Studio Ma is above businesses at 4336 University Way. ENTER FROM THE ALLEY,  just to the right of the back entrance to the University Bookstore. It is a grey building with a black metal fence. Enter the gate and go straight ahead up the ramp to the front door.